A Cross-Border Tax Boutique.

We help U.S. expatriates, Canadian residents and international businesses understanding and complying with their U.S. Federal and state tax obligations.

We also offer our cross-border tax expertise to U.S. and other non-Canadian residents and businesses having Canadian tax obligations.

We work directly with individuals and businesses but also assist Canadian tax professionals, financial advisors and their clients.

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Areas of Practice.

Individual, partnership, corporate, estate and trust tax compliance and advisory for any taxpayer subject to the U.S. Federal and state/local tax systems, including:

  • U.S. expatriates living in Canada

  • U.S. residents with previous ties to Canada

  • Canadian residents working, studying or investing in the United States

  • Canadian and Canadian-owned U.S. entities engaged in a business in the United States.

Inbound Canadian tax compliance and advisory, such as U.S. residents owning Canadian real estate or working in Canada.

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List of U.S. Individual Tax Services.

  • Federal form 1040 and form 1040NR

  • Federal form W-7: application for an ITIN

  • Federal form 114/FBAR and form 8938: disclosure of non-U.S. financial accounts

  • Federal form 3520/3520-A: disclosure of Canadian TFSA

  • Federal form 8288-B: exception from FIRPTA withholding

  • Federal form 8621: disclosure of PFICs, such as Canadian mutual funds

  • Federal form 8840: closer connection exemption statement

  • Streamlined filing compliance procedures, delinquent FBAR and other international information return submission procedures.

If requested and concurrently to their U.S. tax obligations, we will assist individuals with the filing of their Canadian T1, "General Income Tax and Benefit Return".

List of U.S. Business Tax Services.

  • Federal form 1120, form 1120F and form 1065

  • Federal form SS-4: application for an EIN

  • Federal form 5472: transaction with non-U.S. shareholders and related parties

  • Federal form 8833: treaty position disclosure

  • General bookkeeping but only if consequent to a trade or business in the United States

  • Sales and use tax compliance and research.

List of Canadian Tax Services.

  • Canadian T1159: "Income tax return for electing under section 216"

  • Canadian T2062: "Request by a non-resident of Canada for a certificate of compliance".

NB: the lists above are indicative only and non-exhaustive..

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BLUECARP LLC | Suite 300 | 848 Courtney Street
Victoria, British Columbia V8W 1C4 | Canada